Bernie's "Facelift"

It was high time Bernie Jones Automotive got some work done. 

The project included lots of prep work and lots of ladder time. We discovered that Evan actually has a small fear of heights. Which is ironic since he is so tall. So Aaron did most of the ladder work.

Then came the paint. We were blessed with wonderful fall weather so things could get done in a fairly reasonable amount of time. 

Next were the soffits. These bad boys needed some help and I just knew that once this part was done the place would look a ZILLION times better. 


It was all Dad's idea to have them be copper and I couldn't have agreed more. So classy and shiny!

And now its done! It looks so good! Every time I go by I am in awe!

And here's my dad on the lot in front of the "face lift!" I'm so proud. Good Job Dad! 
(and mom, who picked out the sign lettering.)


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