Lately I have been getting my craft on. It's something about the Fall and change of season. It also has to do with the fact that Senor Smarty Pants has an apartment this school year so it has kinda become my project. He had most everything as far as big furniture. We went garage saling and received a few "donations" from family members so he was off to a pretty good start. I've made curtains and pillows, all in an effort to make it warmer, but "manly," and to entertain myself.

Well, in my "professional decorating" opinion he is in need of some chatskis- you know little things to set around, to mix in with the rest of the place. I'm on the hunt for interesting, graphic, things. So I had a brilliant idea (word brilliant is being used loosely) to get him a "J," for his first name. I thought it would be a simple little thing, if I could get it decorated right.

Vintage Jewelry?-Nope
Wrapped in Ribbion?-Nope
Painted?-Kinda boring.
Twine?-YES rough texture=manly-right?

Turned out pretty cool! 

All you need is the letter, a ball of twine, hot glue gun, scissors. Just glue and wrap, glue and wrap. the curve was the tricky part, but I just made a design, like it was supposed to be all bunched up right there. I am pretty pleased with the product. Now what else can I wrap in twine....


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