Double Duty

First, Happy 18th Birthday Aaron! You are getting so old! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Aaron is a skilled guitar player. His laughter is infectious, usually because you don't hear it often, he's kinda a serious guy, so when he does laugh you know it must be funny. Usually only Evan can get him to truly laugh. He is handy and helpful. He works hard at school and work, an ethic he has inherited from our Dad. This young man was my first Partner in Crime and I won't make it public about how I used to dress him up and put make-up on him...whoops. Happy Birthday Aaron!

In other News, It's HALLOWEEN! Happy Halloween! No, I don't have any extravagant plans, or a costume. Senor Smarty Pants and I carved pumpkins last night. I had a very sheltered childhood and had never used one of those kits for carving pumpkins, you know the kind with the stencils. So I got ahold of one and tried them out. They work pretty slick. The two on the outside are mine and yes Senor Smarty Pants chose one of the most difficult patterns. I know myself well enough to start out easy, so I don't get frustrated. 

He really did awesome. I know I was impressed! 

Have a safe and fun Halloween! Eat lots of Candy! 


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