Today is a day. I say that with exasperation, and it's only 10:49 as I type this. It's a day when I woke up feeling down. I could not get motivated to get around, I just wanted to sit on my bed and stare off into space. Not even my normal things that bring my spirits up on a daily basis aren't workin' for me today. I don't have much to say except SIGH. Normally I wouldn't let myself touch my blog with a ten-foot-pole when in a mood like this one, but as I was driving to school a song came on and a few lyrics stood out to me:

Cause He made you to do 
Every little thing that you do to bring a smile to His face 
And tell the story of grace 
With every move that you make 
And every little thing you do 

I was supposed to hear this song. "And tell the story of grace" is the main one that struck a cord with me. So, that will be my mantra today, I will have to remind myself more than normal, that's for sure. 


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