A Nonfiction Story.

I know, I know, I left you hanging...I'm sure the anticipation is killing you...or maybe not.
A Monday morning. Did you just get a knot in your stomach? I mean there is even a song about the distain of Monday mornings. But my most recent Monday morning was certainly manic, this time though the word "manic" was in a more positive connotation. I am not going to complain about it. Not. One. Bit.

Mom came in my room Monday and woke me up 20 minutes before my alarm. Normally this really would have peeved me BUT the words "Hot Air Balloon" perked me right up. Still confused? So was I. So I got up, looked out the window to the hay field and this is what I saw:

I thought I was dreaming. I had to deliberately blink a few times to clear my vision. But then I had a mission. Get. Picture, Now. Mainly to prove that there really was a Hot Air Ballon in the hay field. It was so beautiful outside, and after I got my pictures I asked why there was a Hot Air Ballon in the hay field. Priorities People! 

Apparently they are from some Hot Air Ballon Convention. They took off from New Mexico and are trying to get to Canada but the weather isn't being too kind. They were running out of fuel at one point and had to start throwoing out valuables- Namely their food. They needed to land and thankfully the hay field worked perfectly- as long as they missed the bales. There, they waited for their crew to come. One was from Germany-hence the German ballon.

How did we discover this ballon? Well Aaron came home from taking a friend home, and there they were..He so hospitably greeted them with "Uhhh...guys what are you doing?"

The German Man taking a picture of Senor Smarty Pants and I, We look like we are going UP!
I went out to talk to them and to get a closer look, they said to ask any questions but the only one I could think of was "Can I have a ride? Please?"-It's my dream. But I knew the whole no fuel detail and a slight liability issue made that answer a 100% NO. But they let me get in! The German man-Willy showed me how to climb in and there really is no graceful way to do it you just kinda grab on the the strings and jump on in.

The visit from the Hot Air Balloon taught me two things:
1. I want to be an early riser when I grow up.
2. I want to wake up to a hot air ballon in my hay field while rising early, when I grow up.

Yes-this honestly happened- that's why I posted photographic evidence.


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