A Lesson in Essential Oils

-Using oils while sleep deprived sometimes results in accidents that make Momma angry. Very angry.

-Don't tip the bottle of wild orange oil all the way over thinking that will get you one drop quicker.

-That will only get you 10 drops much too quickly. But you smell delicious.

- Always make sure the lids are screwed on tight, very tight.

-Pay special attention to this detail when using dropper caps.

-Ginger essential oil on baby's tummy does help with a tummy ache. Good to know.

-Ginger essential oil spilled on table and brand new, adorable girlie onesie not only stinks to high heaven but looks like a terrifying stain on said onesie.

-Lemon, oh lemon essential oil. I owe you. BIG.

-People. I put lemon all over on that nasty, scary, yellow stain, let it set for a few minutes. Threw the onesie in the washer and it came out- completely. I am amazed and relieved. Millie doesn't have a ton of girl clothes so to ruin one because of my carelessness was making me sick.

And thats this weeks lesson in essential oils.


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