Been a little absent again. I'm afraid I've come down with a heavy case of "Avoidmycomputericitis." It's been a pretty strong infection this time around.

You see August rolls around and I know that soon, far too soon, I'll be glued to this machine. I'll be reading "pertinent" emails, completing and turning in assignments, and checking grades. And frankly I'm not quite ready. But honestly I never will be. So for a few more days I'll bask in the rays of avoidance.

I'll check in when I need a break from denial.

Besides if I'm being a glass-half-full kinda gal, this is the last time August should make me cringe. Why? Because I graduate in December. Me. Graduating college. Finally and suddenly all at the same time. Well if I step away from the rays of avoidance in time and for long enough.

So what have I been doing? Well I've been picking beans and carrots. I've been reading and working on our flower beds. And I've been working on a little project involving these pretty things.

I've also been feeling the writing bug creeping up so I've started taking notes so hopefully I can start cranking out quality, insightful, and maybe even informative pieces.

For this moment though, I am going to go back to my post on the couch. I feel another wave of "avoidmycomputericitis" coming on. Until we meet again. 


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