Yes We Slept In Our Tent

For Christmas Jerrels awesome grandparents gave us a joint gift. Knowing we were getting married in May, had similar interests, and a need. They gave us a tent. But not just any tent. A tent that can sleep 10 comfortably, a tent that is also called a Vacation Home. But location, location, location, is vital when calling it a Vacation Home. In Maui, maybe we can go there. But here? Nah.

But between wedding, reception, morning sickness, work training, and changing of schedules. We didn't get our tent out and my Senor Smarty Pants was none too happy 'bout that. So he has been scoping out a weekend when he is off, and we are free to go "camping." Fall Break was his chance. I got home from school to find my 22 year old going on 10 year old husband putting the finishing touches on the "little" number.

And you know what? We blew up the air mattress. I dug out basically all our blankets. We put a comforter down on the mattress as well as flannel sheets. I layered the blankets on the mattress. We made hot apple cider and we bundled up. We found our way to our tent and talked for a bit in the 30 degree weather. Before long I was falling asleep in the crisp fall air and in true Jessica fashion as of late, I slept all night, like a rock. 

People have drove by and viewed part of the tent like structure in our backyard since the fence blocks  the rest of it. They have asked in bewilderment of what the heck is going on. After I tell them that Jerrel is living out there now, I explain that we camped out. They don't get it. They think he is crazy and I'm in the same league because I said yes. I said yes to sleeping in a tent at 22 weeks pregnant-which I don't really see as a card to play currently. I camped out because he was so excited about it. I camped out because he cooks for me, he makes me tea, he works so hard for us. I camped out because he asked me to. I camped out because it was fun!

And you know what, I'd do it again. Maybe not tonight...but sometime. Hopefully next time we can be at a lake or something. But if we only make it to the backyard for a while that'd be ok too. 


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