Second Grade Lovies

"You're the best teacher in the whole world."

"I love your dress."

"I think rural living is the best way to live."
"I agree, I totally agree." 

"You look really pretty today."

"Can you give this yarn to Mrs. Gregory?" 
"Yes I can give this yarn to Mrs. Gregory."
Mrs. Gregory was sitting in her desk RIGHT next to me. 

"I would live in a rural area because then I wouldn't have to live by the train tracks. IT SUCKS. I can't sleep." 
"I'm sorry. Let's not say sucks." 

"What's your real name?" 
"That is such a nice name."

Have a beautiful weekend friends. Enjoy some fall weather. 


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  1. Leeann SmithOctober 05, 2013

    "Let's not say sucks." ;)