A Lesson in Maternity Clothes

Last week we had an appointment with our Midwife. Have I mentioned we are seeing a midwife? I'll talk more about that in a later post. Since we got to the big city and had an opportunity to shop I decided it was time for some new clothes. Jeans aren't fitting, shirts aren't covering, and I'm not comfortable.

I like clothes. I have quite a collection of clothes. My collection is years in the making and includes items from vintage shops, thrift stores, and sale racks. I like my clothes, but many of them weren't working and I kinda like them to fit. The break up between my wardrobe and I has been slow and a bit sad, so many of my favorites just don't work right now. My pants were hurting and my stomach was starting to peek out, making me look like a hillbilly or redneck. Take your pick.

So we went shopping. And while I had been looking online and even bought some things, here's what I learned once I was actually out in the trenches.

-Maternity clothes are all about basics. Basic t-shirts, basic jeans, basic colors, basic shapes, basic sizes. That is, if you want to spend a reasonable amount on maternity clothes. I felt like I was starting all over, but hungering for some interest. A funky print, a lacy detail. SOMETHING. But everybody's trying to get the corner market on "Maternity Basics." The hunt for tops was kinda a snooze fest.

-Horizontal Stripes are considered a "Maternity Basic." Not that I think they look bad on pregnant women, but I'm going to be the widest I've ever been and everyone and their dog is telling me to wear horizontal stripes? Where's a floral when this girl needs one? I could have an entire wardrobe of just stripes, different colors, sizes, but really how many do I need?

-95% of Maternity Jeans feel like Pajama Jeans. If I wanted a pair I'd call the 800 number. I was thirsting for denim. Thank the Lord for Old Navy.

-The full panel in Maternity Jeans is surprisingly comfortable. I actually prefer it to the low waisted jeans.

-The Maternity sale rack is not the same as the regular sale rack. The clothes really aren't "that" on sale. Why? Because women are desperate for some decent fitting clothes and they will pay for them. Selection is slim.

-You feel like a human-or just a woman again when you find a pair of pants that fit. That don't give you a baggy butt, fit your legs, and give you a taste of your shape a few months ago. That was a welcome treat. I couldn't get to the register fast enough with those jeans.

-Not having to constantly pull your shirt down because the top fits how it's supposed to is also a welcome reprieve.

Overall I did find 2 pairs of jeans, two basic t-shirts that will make getting dressed easier and make me look classier, and one blouse that is cute. So I did ok. I just need a little zest in my wardrobe that I can actually wear.

Bless my husband for coming along and being so patient with my whines.

I'm telling ya, the Maternity Market is a tough one.


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