Second Grade Funnies

I have wrote Second Grade Lovies. This weeks set of sayings aren't quite as sweet.

"Last night my sister stepped in cat poop."

Child: "My Aunt's already at 4!" 
Me: "Huh?" 
Child: "She's having a baby, she wasn't supposed to have the baby until December like my birthday but I think it's going to be November. I sure hope they stop at 2 then we all will have the same number of kids and boys and girls."
Family planning suggestions from a 7 year old. 

"This is just a ball I popped and decorated to look like a cape and put it on."
We had homecoming dress up days and one of the days was "Dress Like a Super Hero" We had Batman, Superman, etc. Then we had Super Rubber Ball Girl? I don't know-that was just the response we got when we commented that she wore a cape today too. 


"My costume is so easy, I just slip on my ninja suit."

Student: "Are you going to have a baby?"
Me: "Why?"
Student (while pointing hesitantly at my stomach): Well, cause it kinda looks like you are going to have a baby."
Me: "Yes I'm going to have a baby."
I haven't told the students yet...looks like I might have to now. Some know because they are family friends but the majority do not. Just didn't know since I'm not a permanent fixture if it was pertinent information. 

First Child: "My mom has some Chinese in her. That's why I want to go to China-I'm part Chinese."
Second Child: "I'm probably part American." 


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