Ramblings of a Pregnant Chick

People seem to forget basic social skills when they find out you are growing a human.
"Hey, I can finally tell you are getting bigger!"
"Look at that belly!"
"Oh WOW you are getting bigger" 

Words like "fat" "big" "belly" "tummy" etc, are suddenly totally acceptable to use when referencing a pregnant woman who is already a bit raw and wrapping her head around her new body.

Or maybe it's just me.

Either way I have hair that I (maybe) fixed, a smile that I (probably) shared with you, and a day that I'm dealing with wether good or bad. Lets keep the comments on the bump, the baby, and my body to a kind and caring level. How about we talk about this and the other things happenin' in the world shall we? Not just my size.

I get this is a wonderfully special time and that I'll never experience anything like this again-it's seriously a miracle. However, about 90% of the references I hear have negative undertones even when people don't necessarily mean them. It's the way culture communicates about pregnancy. And as you can tell-it grates on a girl. I was told by a woman that I looked beautiful last week-I wanted to hug her for her word choice.

Pregnancy brain is real.
I lost my phone twice. In one hour. Found it-in the same spot each time.
I opened the mayonnaise. Found a spoon in the jar. We all know Senor Smarty Pants would never do such a thing!
I don't remember what I asked Senor Smarty Pants to do for me. Oh yeah it was to take out the trash.
I tried to unlock my house with my remote for my car.
Then I tried to unlock my parents house with said remote.

Having books and an iPad jump while sitting on your bump is entertaining.

The baby likes citrus. Lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit. Whatever, just give us some and we will be happy campers.

Overall we are having a good experience. Just needed a little outlet to write. Thank you for your time.


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