What I Learned in the 2nd Grade

I've spent the last 4 months in the 2nd grade again.

I've learned so much about teaching, about kids, and about people. It's been another horizon broadening experience. I've loved my class and honestly I'd be pretty dang sold on this whole full-time teaching thing-if you could guarantee that I'd get them again, or their clone.  Just call me Mr. Feeny. I just loved them so much!

So I've complied a list of things I've learned in the 2nd Grade this time around

-When editing, that line over the period has a very official name: loop-de-loo. And that is what it must always be called. 

-Moms are still Mommy's and Momma's and Dads are still Daddys. It's cute. 

-Lesson plan books are your friend. And making check marks in those silly little squares is oddly satisfying.

-Don't take yourself too seriously, for life is not as much fun when you aren't willing to giggle a little-or a lot. 

-Some kids' parents stink. It's not a nice thing to say but it's the truth. There are some kids in school I want to take home. Because they never asked for nor deserve the crap they go through. 

-Having Art, Library, and Music/PE on the same day is a gift from above. 

-Asking a little boy to spell "lady" is just hilarious because "You should really ask a girl 
to spell lady." 

-Pochontas' dad had 15 wives and that's just an amazing fact! We love getting cultured

-Lice happens. 

-Having a superior educator as a mentor makes all the difference. Mentors are a good thing. 

-Sometimes on a Tuesday you just feel like wearing a crown.

-Kids have the biggest hearts, love the most, and I think should probably run the world. Especially 2nd graders. It would be a lot happier place. Us adults just tend to mess things up. 

If you ever have the chance to go back to the 2nd grade, I'd highly recommend snatching that opportunity up.


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