The Season's First Snow

We've had a cold snap. Yesterday morning I had a pot of red petunias still basking in the sun. Then yesterday afternoon the temperature started dropping the wind kept blustering and before you knew it, it was cold. Like, for real cold. 

And at our house we like the cold. At one point in the evening Jerrel looked outside and informed us it was snowing. I then promptly made Millie stick her head out the door with me and catch the seasons first snowflakes. She wasn't as impressed as I. But she'll come around. 

Then came our next task. 

We made sugar cookies. Why? Well during last years first snow I was with my friend Erika, her daughter came home from school and exclaimed "We get to make sugar cookies!" I said "Huh?" And Erika explained that it was a tradition they carried on from her own childhood. She wasn't sure why they made them, but they did. 

So in a nutshell I decided to steal the tradition. Or borrow-whatever. I just loved the idea of celebrating the first snow-no matter how small. The white sugar mimicking the snow flakes outside. A cozy sweet smelling kitchen while watching the flakes come down. So the cookies were baked. 

Then in the morning we got up threw on some warm clothes and went out to take a picture. 

Told ya-it was just a little dusting but it was snow nonetheless. And by the looks of this picture Millie is catching on to liking the white stuff. She's a quick learner, our girl.

Most of the dusting is gone now, but we still have the cookies. This will be a tradition we carry on, something we will all remember when the first snow starts to fall.


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