Easter Sunday

Easter was already two weeks ago. Doesn't seem possible does it? I'm beginning to see a trend in how we like our holidays. Little. 

We don't like to be rushed. We like to take our time. We don't need a crowd. We are happy with just us...and a few extras throughout the day. We don't need a big production. Normal sprinkled with special is just fine.

Our Easter morning started out with an Easter gift. We haven't quite made a decision on our views of the Easter bunny yet so we just said, "Look Millie an Easter gift!"

She just went straight for the fruit leather and gave this cheesy grin. FOOD-it's a good thing.

We got our girl all dolled up in a dress from a Great-Grandma and shoes from the Easter Parents and went to church. Baby doll did so good on Easter. Most Sundays are touch and go...mostly go so I was thankful for a less eventful service.

After church we headed out to Jerrel's parents, to a meal filled with delicious food. Oh so much good food.

I rounded up the troops for a couple pictures and was pleased with the results. 

We spent the day eating, napping, lounging, playing outside, and rejoicing in the resurrection of Christ!

So it's a little late I know, but we hope you had just as sweet of Easter as we had.


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