A Day in the Sunshine

This week has been weird. Jerrel worked Monday, was home Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Now he works the next four days. His schedule is erratic to say the least. The days off were spent working on a project. 

Working on the soon to be revealed project in the chilly, windy, rainy outdoors. But we aren't complaining. It was wet and we desperately need the wet. That did leave Millie and I inside. Watching Daddy from the window and the little girl was none too pleased about her situation. She was just sure she was missing out. 

Today though the sun came out and it was perfection. Absolute perfection. So us girls loaded up and headed to town for a change in scenery.

We went to the library, the coffee shop to see Grandma, the General Store, and finally to see Grandpa at the dealership. 

Millie test drove a UTV and decided she would like one. 

After all our errands and visits were done we took a quick trip around the park to enjoy the perfection a bit longer. 

"Angle Hairs" as Grandpa calls them were in full force of adorable today. Perfect little girl with curls.

We finished with a stroll around the flower garden and found these pretty peachy tulips. I wish tulips could last longer. I just love 'em.

We are home now, a little tired from our afternoon but refreshed by some sunshine and sweet smelling fresh air. Such a wonderful afternoon. Now, what to make for supper...Ideas?


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