A Homemaker Update

What have I been doing? We needed a new vacuum. We actually had two. One saved from the dumpster by a friend in the sanitation industry and one given to us by a family friend. I liked the rescued machine but it was an old Oreck and didn't have any attachments and with a pet in part of the house I was really missing those attachments. The other machine? Jerrel broke it. The man is hard on things. He says it's just genetic...and with the way Millie has been acting I'm beginning to believe him. So I finally used my Christmas money and bought a vacuum.

This Vacuum:

I first time I used it? I was totally disgusted. It looked like the place had never been vacuumed. And I do my darndest to vacuum every other day. This machine rocks. It has my heart. I'm going attachment crazy. I walk around my house going "There's an attachment for that!" It's strange. But if you are in the market. Get this Shark. Deep clean, lots of attachments, great for pets. It's the new member of the family. I think I will name it. Okay, maybe not. How about Ted? 

What am I reading these days? We have been tossing around the idea of getting a few hens. So I naturally need a book to read so I am fully informed. So I hunted down a wonderful book. I wanted something all inclusive-I didn't want to collect 2 or 3 chicken books. It's been called the "Definitive Guide for Poultry Husbandry." Poultry Husbandry seems too formal for my taste. However, I have learned so much and feel much more confident if we do end up getting some girls. 

The forward is by Joel Slatain-who is so incredibly knowledgable that I made a point to read, no dissect the foreward-first time for this girl and Harvey Ussery is a wonderfully knowledgable man as well...making this chicken book pretty dang entertaining. 

Finally, what have I been working on? Well I've been stewing over paint chips. 

For the laundry room. I wanted a beigey gray like my Pinterest board indicated for the walls and creamy white for the trim. So I brought half a dozen chips home taped them to the wall and looked at them throughout the day. As the light changed I'd eliminate one. Millie even got into the action and started holding the discarded ones up to the wall. It was adorable. Jerrel asked what color I was thinking. I started going into my process and delimma of choosing and his eyes glazed over. 

I realized, we are talking about shades of white. Pick a flippin' color and move on Jessica. I asked him if he thought they all pretty much looked the same and he smiled shyly and said "Go on with what you were saying." Bless him. So I think I've got it all figured out now. Thanks for talking it out with me Dear! 

And that's my Homemaker Update, what's new in your world? Happy Weekend! 


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