Today & Tomorrow

My Momma told me there would be days like today. Actually I'm not so sure she did warn me. But I guess I'll forgive her for that.


Today in a fit of random rage that only a toddler can have my daughter ripped my necklace off my neck. Breaking the clasp. It seemed like something off an action movie of sorts.

Today Millie got out of her dirty diaper on her own terms and it wasn't good. Then she peed on the floor. Twice.

Today Chester was especially bad at understanding "No." And Millie was especially good at getting herself in predicaments in which Chester came out looking like the bad guy.

Today I wasn't as patient, or kind, or fun, or...anything, as I needed to be.

Today Millie tried to eat a screw. (We are working on a project and said screw was on the counter-so was she.)

Today I tried to lay Millie down for a nap not once, not twice, not three times. But five. Five times. And each time she touched the pillow she demanded to be picked back up. She was snoring-then she wasn't. I don't know why I thought today she would go down, she only has...maybe twice before? I completed supper with a sleeping babe on my shoulder and arms that felt like they were falling off.

Today Millie made my heart stop by gagging on cornbread three separate times. She ate corn bread like a champ yesterday.

Today a bowl was dropped and while trying to keep the dog and baby safe from shards I ended up cutting myself.

Today I texted my husband at 6:50 p.m. "Today needs to be over." And now it almost is. I'm getting ready to crawl in bed with my little family and "The Sun will come up tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be  sun." is going through my head.

It's annoying.

Today I don't need a do over. Nah, I'm alright without one. I just need tomorrow.


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