What does one say after an almost 3 months blog hiatus? What does one share? 

Maybe a picture of a pomegranate? A deliciously annoying fruit that is currently Millie's favorite. She makes me slave over one first thing in the morning so she can delight in day long snacking. First thing in the morning. I am not a morning person and I have come to believe that pomegranates are not morning fruits. 

Or maybe this picture of donkey hair in the sunset. The golden light was wonderful the night I took this photo and the donkey was cooperative. 

But really where have I been? What have I been doing? 

Well, I've been baking bread, doing laundry, reading, I took a photography class. But I haven't, I haven't been writing. Last week I looked around at all the busyness I have been filling my days with and it just wasn't working. It wasn't jiving. Something felt off, I couldn't place it though. Then I realized what I've been avoiding. Writing. One of the things that satisfies my soul. As the words form together into sentences they travel down my arms and settle in my hands. And as my hands hurriedly type or write them out I feel...

It just feels right. Like a breath of fresh air after a rain. Or a cool drink of water on a hot day. The wonky-ness of my day leaves, I get my jive back. Writing is my creative outlet. The thing I need to do. 

And I know that, but I haven't been respecting it. Instead I'd try one creative thing only to be disappointed and discouraged by the effort that seemed to be going no where. All because I just didn't want to take the time to let the words flow. I thought I was too busy. I'm seeing now though I must feed the thing that feeds the rest of my creativity. Does that make sense? 

So while my days are filled with busy-like any Momma's are, I know that my release doesn't come from eating a Little Debbie in the bathroom alone, reading a book in the quiet of nap time, sewing darling crafts for my littles or to sell on etsy, nor does it come from drinking a glass of whine after the house is dark and quiet. No, my release is found in this, weaving words to document our story. 

My release comes from picking my enormous mums and spending 10 minutes trying to get just the right picture to share with you. A picture I will try to caption cleverly until I share it with you. Because it's the words that are constantly filling my brain. I just love 'em. 

Romans 12 is one of my favorite chapters and in verse 5 it begins talking about our gifts and how as the body we all have been given different gifts. So I need to get back to using the gift. Tending to it with the mindfulness the Lord had when he instilled it in me. Using it to glorify. 

So I'm determined to make time again. And not just put it off until 10:30 pm when the man of the house is out and the baby finally in bed. During the day. When the light is bright and the day is going. Reflection after the day is nice sometimes but too often I get to the night and am just tired. I know you other Momma's understand that kind of tired. I'm determined to get around and post more often, to meet a goal I have yet to set. 

Posts that I've had stewing for a while. Posts I was maybe hesitant to put out. Posts that are nonsensical and whimsical, probably more nonsensical though. So please do check in, I'll be around. 

I'm also determined to not let this girl get too many "interesting" habits from her father...but it might be a little late for the whole "drinking the broth from the soup' thing. Momma tried.

See ya soon.


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