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A few weeks ago we were playing a game of Apples to Apples with friends. My turn came around and the word was "Happiness" someone had laid the card "power tools.". My response was "Well I'm happy when the power tools are out because that means another project around the house is done." 

My husband laid that card. 

When we moved in we hadn't touched our bedroom closet. It was small, tight, and not well organized. My mom brought a large clothing rack to our house. We put it against a wall, hung our clothes on it and hung our coats in the tiny closet. We have been living that way since May. And I was done. It was time. 

Jerrel was on the case. 

The glory of having high ceilings is the possibility of a double rod scenario. The previous owner left a large dowel rod behind-large enough for a closet rod and it was long enough to make our double hanging side functional. Jerrel made the brackets for the rod and lookie there! 

Top rod-Jerrel 

Bottom Rod-ME! It all fit wonderfully. 

I went through a major de-cluttering mood and got rid of SO many clothes. Clothes that I can't wear because I'm pregnant. Clothes I can't wear because I'll be postpartum. Clothes I can't wear because I'll be nursing for the next two years. Clothes I haven't worn since 2009. Seriously. And now?

Now I'm pretty sure Jerrel has more clothes than me! 

I really apologize for this awful picture. But this is our long hanging storage. My dresses and his/her coats. We left this side alone besides a coat of paint.

The closet had a light at one time but didn't anymore. So Jerrel put in a new centered light and switch. Pay off of hanging around electricians!  I have a vintage light that needs rewired and it will look nice and finished. Also notice those high shelves? I am not using them so efficiently yet. I don't want to have to get a stool to reach things. 

Not that I'm lazy. I'm just more of the mindset that if I have THAT much stuff then maybe I have TOO MUCH stuff. But the possibilities are there, if one needs them. 

The next problem was our shoe storage. I wanted it up, off the floor, out of the way. So my nifty husband got to work. 

First, you need some shelves that your wife wouldn't let you put in the dumpster. You called her a hoarder. Now? Now, she's a genius and money saving goddess. 

I'd been using them to spray paint, obviously. I wanted them for open shelving in the laundry room or kitchen. I decided I could spare five if he was thrifty with them. He was. 

He cut off the front trim. 

Cut the shelves to the correct length and width and then used the "waste" to make the end pieces. He then screwed that all together. 

Then brought that trim piece back for, in his own words a "Nice finished detail." and functional piece to hold the shoes.

A quick double coat of paint and the shoe storage was complete! Screwed into the walls at the studs, then I had functional, vertical, and kinda pretty storage solutions! 

And again. Everything fit! 

We feel like we have a little bit of our life back honestly. Some organization, some functionality, and we feel like we live in the room now, not that we are just visiting. It's small but it's mighty!

I can decorate the rest of the room now. We had so much of the supplies so we we are in at only around $30 for our closet redo. Use whatcha got people!

What we did,
Patched big cracks
Wired and installed lighting and switch
Hung new rods
Made and painted shoe storage.

Whew. I do love power tools. They do in fact bring me organization and happiness.


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