Set Apart

I recently finished a book called "Set Apart Femininity" I completely stumbled upon it. When I picked it up (because of the pretty cover) I felt a tug on my heart to buy it. I don't know what I was expecting it to be really, but it was pretty different than anything I have ever read. While it was telling me things I knew and so many moments were "duh Jess" moments, I think God lead me to this book because my heart was ready to hear them, to absorb them and to become them. So many moments were also "Aha" moments, moments of complete clarity. When I knew who, with Gods grace, I wanted to become, to glorify Him.

One of these things included the Hollywood industry. I'm not a huge movie fan (short attention span). But anyway, this industry is really dirty, for lack of a better word. Many movies are glorifying sin in so many ways, even in the titles. So many people just watch films with the mentality of "Well I don't believe in that, or agree with it but I'll still watch it." But the author Leslie challenged that mentality. Saying why would we even let such trash into our hearts and minds? Why do we try to justify it? We are just asking for trouble,. Inviting Satan in, to camp out for a while. Leslie shared an experience she had with a friend who was having terrible nightmares. They got together to talk about the problem, the friend told Leslie that she had just come from a movie, when asked, it was revealed it had been some awful gory film. No wonder! This is an idea that I knew to be true but I was delusional to think that just because I didn't agree with something it was "ok" to tolerate, view or listen to it. I had a tendency to justify.

This idea was challenged this week when I heard that a movie that glorifies an awful mess of sin was in the theatre. I heard of some people going and what I had learned and read in the book came to my mind. I decided I would not be glorifying the Lord if I was to view any of this movie, not that I was planning on it, but I don't ever want to see any miniscule amount of this film. I do not want or need more trash, there is more than enough of that to go around, believe me. I don't want to make decision as a mediocre Christian woman. I want the Lord to guide me to be "Set Apart", to glorify him, because that is why I am here.

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