C is for Camping

Senor Smarty Pants and I went on a bit of an adventure. We both genuinely enjoy our brothers, we like spending time with them and think they are funny. So we wanted to go camping with all of them. When I shared this idea I was met with an enthusiastic YES! We were missing one of Senor Smarty Pant's brothers, he didn't seem to get the picture or care that we actually wanted to spend a weekend camping with him. (his priorities are a bit mixed up- girl issues) Anyway we had fun and I actually would be very willing to do it again very soon! I liked my role as "Den Mother"! 

A burnt and blistered hot dog...a camping staple. 

A new camping staple: banana sliced in half, put marshmallow and chocolate chips in the middle wrap in foil and put over fire and check, when the goods are melty they are done. Soo Good! 

mmm coffee in a tin mug. 

time to fish!

Lucy came too! 

Burnt blistered marshmallow-another camping staple.

My boys and their camp. It was a good time. Thanks for coming boys!

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