15. Really?

Evan is 15 today. 15! I told a friend this week that I believe little brothers should just stay little and annoying forever. I just can't believe that he is going to be a freshman. He is 6 foot 2 already and he just doesn't have the "little" thing going on for him anymore...but the annoying thing....well you get the picture. But seriously 15 seems so much older than 14. I've made him and ice cream cake per his request and some people are coming out tonight. So it should be a nice time.

Let's reminisce about this day 15 (eek still don't like it) years ago:

I was 6 and I had slept in the living room by the fish tank (don't ask) I woke up and peeked in my parents room to just my dad in bed. I crawled in with him and asked "Wheres Momma?" To this he sleepily replied "She had the baby" This was the big moment, I had been waiting for this day and the moment of when I found out if my dream had come true, did I actually have a little sister now?! I asked "What was it?" The answer: "A baby boy." What did I do? I turned my head away from my daddy and laid on my Momma's pillow and....cried. Silently and secretly but yes I cried. Does that make me a terrible sister? Eh. Then I got up and got ready to go see Evan. Then my grandma and Dad took Aaron and I to see him and I was over my heartache.

Still today I don't think I would trade him in for a sister...

Happy 15th Birthday Evan!


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