Favorite Saturday

I woke up to snow Saturday morning. I love snow. Some people can't stand it. But here's the thing with weather; you can't change it, you can't control it. Disliking a certain type of precipitation will not make it go away. Whining and worrying about the cold white stuff will not make it disappear any quicker. So embrace it. God's got it all under control anyway. It's beautiful. 

Getting off soapbox.

So mom came and woke me up and asked if I wanted to go into town with her to get the essentials and some extras at the grocery store. We bundled up and headed in. 

The grocery store was a pretty happenin' place. A. Because it's Saturday and it isn't open on Sundays. B. Because of the Winter Wonderland we were residing in and everyone was thinking the same thing "I'm out of bread, milk, and eggs."

The bread shelves were quickly becoming slim pickins'. 

Story Time:
While in the store a boy about 10 or 11 came in. He was in his insulated coveralls, boots and had a stocking cap on. Cheeks were rosy and you could tell he had walked to the store. When we met up with him in the bread isle he was juggling a gallon of 2%, butter, and trying to grab a loaf or two of bread. It was all I could do to not say, "Hey kid, lemme take your picture." 

The weather made everything seem more wonderful. The grocery store was inspiring for heaven's sake. 

I was again reminded of how thankful I am to have this place to call home. All day I kept thinking "I love today."

 It was quite a snow and while the streets had been cleared at one point, it kinda just became a waiting game.

I had never noticed the different colored mailboxes before and the snow made them pretty picturesque.

And the mailbox madness continued.

Lucy LOVES the snow. She runs and jumps in and out of the biggest drifts she can find. She is such a happy and ditzy dog. 

Jake came over to play with Evan. The perfect snow covered law is now gone. It looks like a heard of elephants went through.

This picture isn't that great of the boys but I feel like it shows Lucy's excitement. It's ridiculous. I think this is the beginning of her 10 minute adventure-we have no clue where she went, we are just glad she came sprinting back.

Our Christmas lights were stunning. In the Winter, snow makes everything prettier. 

Even this rusty old pickup. 


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