Just One Picture

Mom didn't get Christmas cards out. So she decided to try and get a New Years card out. So she needed a picture. And according to my brothers thats a bad word. But we were all dressed up for Christmas Eve church and so the opportunity was too good to pass least that's what mom and I thought.

While on our way into town I tried to think of poses. Poses that were simple enough for the boys to catch on. Poses that looked normal and natural. Poses that would encourage a quick and painless experience. But then...

We had to MAKE Aaron get out of the car. Then we had to MAKE him stand there. Then he decided he liked THAT spot so much that he wouldn't move or stand any other way. Then we were faced with a whole other problem-the bright, bright sun. It wasn't ideal photograph lighting but we had to work with what we had.

After we got over the shock of the ball of fire in the sky the boy's true colors started coming out and I just wanted to take a nice one so my corneas could be saved. 

We tried the trick of "closing your eyes while mom counts to three and then we open them at the last second." It didn't work as well as we had planned.

After that picture we knew were sooo close to having a realistic looking smile, but Aaron just wanted this whole ordeal to be over so he faked it, and that doesn't work for Momma.

So we tried a different pose. You know start with a fairly clean slate. But once again we were shocked by the sun. 

And Aaron just kept deteriorating. 


Then Evan said something funny, like always, and we got an excellent candid shot. 

Then we have this little number, which may be my favorite and the winner for the card. I feel this photo really shows how strange our family really is. 

So, from my weird family to yours Happy New Years! 


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