Gumdrops, Sprinkles, and Chocolate

I finally made some time to make some Christmas goodies. 


I decided to ask my little baking assistant to help. He was so excited he could hardly stand it. I quickly put him to work for two reasons, to get him to settle down, and to get all the stinking cookies done. 

He did a marvelous job and aside from one sprinkle spill, the afternoon was pretty flawless. 

While we were baking I got to thinking about all the different goodies that people make during this holiday season. A thought occurred to me, all the words associated with Christmas and the food that has become an intricate part to it, are fun. I mean really think about it. First and foremost there is SUGAR. Then comes, chocolate because 98% of all Christmas candy either has chocolate in it or is dipped in chocolate. Then we have candy canes, gumdrops, sprinkles, peanut butter, frosting, marshmallows, the list goes on and on, fun words, happy words, sweet words (excuse the pun). It's awesome.

This box of Candy Canes alone is full of fresh and minty holiday spirit. But you know what would make them better?.....

Like I said, 98% of all Christmas fare has chocolate in it or is dipped in chocolate, and you know what, I'm thrilled about it. 


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