I Married a Nurse

Last night we decided to go out for dinner, then get groceries. Typical married couple date night I suppose. It was so nice. We drank beer (the root variety for me) and talked in a refurbished building turned pizza place near the railroad tracks. Toward the end of our meal and man walked by, then stopped said hello to my husband and then wanted introduced to me.

I wiped my messy fingers and was introduced "This is my wife, Jess." I smiled and then this man said, "So nice to meet you, he took care of me." Beings that Jerrel works in a hospital in another town I haven't had the opportunity to really run into any of his coworkers or patients. If he worked in our hometown-that'd be a totally different story.

The man went on to say how his perspective has changed since actually being in the hospital and how wonderful Jerrel was. I told him "Well Jerrel's very patient so I know he is wonderful at what he does." "Oh!" The man said, "He was wonderful, I just kept pushing that button I felt so bad."

Jerrel just sat there. He did tell the man that it was fine and that he wasn't too difficult. But I don't think he probably was soaking in the moment of two strangers meeting for the first time singing his praises-he's too humble for such. No, Jerrel was probably wondering when it was socially acceptable to dig back into his pizza. And that's just fine with me.

I married a nurse. A man who goes to the place where the sickest of the sick are. He takes his kind and gentle spirit and he meets their needs. He does so with grace and gives them the dignity they deserve. Some are beginning their journey in this life, some are ending, and some are caught somewhere in the middle. It's not a job without frustrations and certainly isn't glamorous. But, he generally gets a special place in someones journey. Just like I saw last night.

So our typical married people date night didn't turn out to be so typical. I sat there in awe and full of respect for the man I said "I do" to.

Until he decided to figure the yardage of toilet paper in the grocery store to make sure we got the best deal. Then-it was a whole other kind of awe.

But seriously, I'm so thankful I married a nurse.


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