My Pregnancy "Essentials"

As I'm approaching the last month of my journey through pregnancy I have realized how terrible
of a job I have done about documenting. I don't have weekly or even monthly bump pictures, I never felt like getting in front of a camera for that. I haven't written in a journal or a baby book. I just let it go by I guess. But I have decided to post a bit about some things that I have enjoyed during this season, somethings that have made my life more comfortable. So just know, I use the word "essentials" loosely.

1. Can you say sciatic nerve pain? Some days it was hard to get up, or sit down. Basically sit very still and I was good. But then I started doing this yoga regularly and holy Moses did it help. I feel stronger, and dare I say limber? Which is odd since I'm the largest I've ever been in my life. This video is wonderful-espcially since I live in an area where yoga instruction is slim and prenatal yoga doesn't exist.

2. Coobie Bras, I've said it before and I will say it again. Get these bras. Comfy, pretty colors, and did I mention they are comfy? 

3. Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. If I could suggest only one book for a woman's pregnancy it would be this book. It's got positive birth stories, teaches you about your body and how it is designed to conceive, carry, and birth a human. Ina May is brilliant, and truly cares about women and their care. The book outlines prenatal care from an obstetrics as well as the midwifery view and the routine procedures that happen to women and their babies-then get this- she uses research to expound on these practices. Fancy that! It's a wonderful book and will leave you more knowledgable and confident in your choices. 

4. Citrus. People are always asking me, "Any weird cravings?" I haven't had cravings per-say but citrus has never tasted better. Seriously. 

5. Full Panel maternity jeans. Denim. I told you all I was on the hunt for denim and Old Navy pretty much delivered. In my opinion full panel is the way to go. Don't let anyone tell you that the low panel or just using a rubber band on your jeans is just as good or more comfortable. They are being vain and fibbing. The support and smooth line from a full panel is wonderful. Plus I have a pair of lower or demi- panel it's a simple rule of gravity. Smooth round surface- pants will slip down. It's annoying. Full panel.all.the.way.

6. Glass water bottle. I love my Lifefactory bottle. If you see me without a water bottle I must have totally lost it. I always have one with me-mainly my Life Factory glass water bottle. I love this thing. I require more water these days plus since it's glass I can put my essential oils in and just sip away all day. Jerrel just got a Camelbak glass bottle and it's prettty nice too. 

There you have it a short list of things I've enjoyed throughout my pregnancy. I suppose I should go do my yoga, or eat an orange, or maybe I'll nap. I'm a woman and I'm pregnant-it's my prerogative to change my mind right? Like double prerogative if you ask me! 


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