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Whew, it's been a while. But lucky for you a friends nudge has gotten me back to the grindstone. Not really, I love to blog, just hasn't been at the top of the list. So what's been happenin'? So glad you asked!

We sent out our first Christmas card...I know big deal. But it was fun and something I want to do every year. People just don't send them like they used to.

We had snow and my mom willing to take the photo so we snapped up the opportunity. Isn't it "charming" how my coat wont button? Mom felt bad for me so she bought me a new coat for Christmas. It's cute and fits ALL the way around! 

I graduated college and survived the ceremony that Senor Smarty Pants felt was so important for me to attend. I only perspired a moderate amount in that cap and gown and managed to smile pretty for some cameras. 

A few of my friends hosted a baby shower for me. It was the sweetest thing and felt SO good to have them back in my parents house chattering away like we always used to. Boy did we chatter, I don't think I had anymore words for a week. Just kidding! We had a hot chocolate bar, decorated gingerbread "babies" and ate sweets, sweets, sweets. They each brought a children's book as well to start our little library and baby got some wonderful gifts! 

I had a blue Christmas as far as the color goes. Christmas morning I opened up a big box and a little box...I like little boxes. 

The earrings are sapphires and the yarn is for a scarf/shawl that Jerrel is going to make. He didn't get it done because the mailman forgot where our mailbox was. So instead I opened a box of about 5 skeins of American wool in all their glory. Only I could appreciate this as much as the project completed. 

We celebrated the Christmas Day with my family, Jerrel's family traveled long distance and we had a midwife appointment the day after Christmas on the opposite side of the state. My feet and ankles would not have been please with that ride. Mom came along to the appointment and we hit up a consignment shop for babies and kids. We scored big, knitted outfits from the Gap? Hello! It was a great trip and I think Mom liked seeing and learning more about the birth center. 

New Years was celebrated quiet and alone. After the month of running I just wanted to be home with Jerrel. We made deer steak, roasted cauliflower, among other delicious sides, and finished off with this
Cheesecake from Oh Sweet Day! 

Photo Credit
Minus the chocolate ganache and candy on top. It just seemed too rich. I know how ridiculous that sounds! I was tired of being in the kitchen is the more realistic reason.

Then that night a stomach bug decided to grace us with it's presence and landed on Jerrel. So we missed a family Christmas on New Years Day. I used my oils-that I'll tell you about in a couple days, whole foods, no sugar or refined carbs, and activated charcoal to avoid the bug. Yippee! Jerrel was back on his feet quickly as well..and in his mind it is no thanks to my home remedies. Yeah alright, but next time don't come cryin' to Momma.

Who am I kidding he wouldn't have to come crying. I go to him. I will say this, men are no fun when they are sick. None. 

Finally we had one last Christmas and we received a Garmin from his grandparents. So thoughtful! We are currently trying to figure out where we want to vacation this summer now, if for no other reason, so we can use our Garmin. Because we don't have more pertinent things to think about?... Anyway, Garmin will get it's test run this week when we head to the big city to hear baby's heartbeat and have a class with a doula from the area. 

Things have started to slow down, only to speed back up I'm sure. Work, midwife appointments, and basketball games are our social events. Christmas stuff is all put away and Valentines Day is out. I've got a list of things to do for January and little by little it's getting whittled down. 

So that's us lately. Blessed as ever, busy, and waiting for baby. 


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