Some Summer Finds

The last few weeks I have had the opportunity to collect some pretty cool finds. The Quaint Little Festival was first and then the next weekend an event called Junktoberfest offered another opportunity to look at one of a kind items and just some plain old junk. 

So I decided to do a roundup of sorts and share my finds and their makers facebook pages.

First up is my tin Nebraska from Modern Vintage Boutique. I had seen their stuff before but couldn't decide what to buy. I loved the tin Nebraska and decided at the festival on a medium sized one. Sure I could probably wrangle someone 'round these parts to make me one. But would it be on my mantle by now? Nope. The piece of tin is full of character-I love it! 

There was all kinds of pretty jewelry at the festival But these earrings by Mesmire caught my attention. They are pieces that I can wear in my everyday life and are classy-quirky. 

The following weekend we went to Junktoberfest. I was in the mood to buy...but I didn't know what. I tried to buy a bookshelf but it didn't fit in my moms win some you lose some. But I did find two nice pieces. 

This piece is by The Daily Doodler. The colors are fun and the design is simple with interesting details. My laundry room has red curtains and is in general brighter lending itself to lots of fun colors (maybe a distraction technique from the walls that are begging to be freshened up? Anyway...)

I had this frame with a picture of Millie in it but I was always unsure if the two styles went well together. But I LOVE my bike drawing in it, hung right above my washer it's a wonderful addition to the room. I'm kinda wanting another one for my bathroom now...

And finally probably the find of the summer. A globe! I had been on the hunt for a long time. But I hadn't been able to find one that had a metal base, or the right patina, or the right price. Basically I was being picky and paitent. It's my prerogative! Well it was worth the wait. I found this globe with a light...does that make it a lamp? I paid $8 and the lady said she didn't know if it worked. I figured if it didn't it wouldn't be much to get it rewired anyway and if it did work well, SCORE! So SCORE! Put in a lightbulb plugged it in and it about lights up the room. Now to just figure out what to put in that awkward slot...I have envelopes in it now. But we don't really need envelopes in our living room.

Yes that is a giant Webster's Dictionary. Thank you for asking. It cost me $3.

So some good finds and good fun. I love finding unique goods and one of a kind pieces made by talented people.

Until the next find...


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  1. Nancy ConleyAugust 01, 2014

    Ohmygosh! I love the Nebraska tin "thing" and the globe. Well, I love all of it!