Four Months of Millie

First off, Happy Fourth of July! My Grandma always used to say, and still does- "When the Fourth gets here it's like summer is over." That used to make me cringe. I didn't want summer to end, I didn't want to go back to school. But this year? Well, I don't have to go back to school. I feel I can officially enjoy the Fourth of July! Plus I kinda feel like summer just started. Ever since I had a baby time does weird tricks. ANYWAY, Millie is 4 months old today. FOUR, CUATRO, QUATRE. No matter how you say it- it's exciting.

Sister is doing all kinds of fun things. Let's take a look!

Oy. A long nap where your head scooted to the carpet leaves a gnarly carpet mark. 

Anyone else pronounce the "g" in gnarly in their head? 

We attended a friends wedding. It was fun to get all dressed up. Millie got to watch her parents show off their dance skills and I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle, or two, or three. 

Baby still takes a bath in a bowl. Maybe because Momma wants her to. Sometimes baths are late...and so sometimes we see thumb sucking and trying to lay down during the bath. It's cute.

Then Sister sometimes doesn't really want to go bed. Thankfully this usually happens when Dad is home. That's when Daddy-daughter time happens until Millie goes to sleep. I snapped this picture right before I went to bed. So thankful for Jerrel...and sleep. 

One of the headlines this month was that unfortunately Millie got a cold. See the watery eyes, and runny nose? It was sad and no fun. We ended up taking her to the Doctor after one morning of scary croup-like coughing and gasping for air. Dr. diagnosed a cold...and cuteness. Felt a little silly after that-taking my kid to the Doctor for a cold? Who am I? We were told to just nurse a lot, love a lot, and wait it out. So that's what we did. Millie showed improvement that afternoon, naturally. Thankfully she was relatively good natured through the whole cold experience.

Oils used FYI: Eucalyptus, Lavender, Frankincense and Melaleuca 

Don't worry though, she still had plenty of energy to scoot and get into things. Anyone else having to babyproof their house because of the 3 month old? Just me?

We had our first parade experience. This was about how excited Millie was. She did warm up to the idea after a bit. peaceful sleeping baby.

Dad's girls in our sunglasses. I love Millie's sunglasses. Little diva. Ok, nope. Don't want my daughter to think or act like a diva...or a princess but that'a another post. Anyway, She's cute in the glasses and hat. Please ignore the peeling paint and other non-pretties. Focus on the baby...the baaaaby.

We have been using a PeanutShell sling these days and are really enjoying it-finally! A trip to the grocery store as a family went awesome because of this contraption and my arms didn't suffer because Mills needs to be held all the time. It was wonderful, she feel asleep, awww... my peaceful sleeping baby.

Another headline story is that we found our cheek-I know big! Millie is constantly putting her hands on her cheek these days. And the tongue. She found it and loves it. 

"Ohhh Momma I like when you ride in the back and talk with me."

A baby in a robe...need I say more? 

Hands are tasty. 

I've been snuggling my baby even more this last month. Cherishing her sweetness while she sleeps. 

Millie has officially been given a chore: holding our stuff. It's high time she earns her keep around here. Soon we will be able to sit back and relax while she hauls in groceries. We began her training with our water bottles. 

My baby looks like a big person in this. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Wait, yes I am. Moving on.

We spend about on day a week in my mom's salon. Just hanging out, chatting with clients, and rearranging merchandise. Maybe MIllie is a marketing scheme. Who knows, who cares! This week an old friend came to see us. It was so nice to catch up and Millie loved her and listening to us chat.

Now, let me show you a Millie home photoshoot montage. The spectacular quilt is by a family friend named Sharon. The quilt is called, "Millies' Pinwheels and Polka Dots." It was just the sweetest gift and Mills loves the colors. 

Drool bucket. 

Her sweet baby sounds are getting louder and sweeter. She talks back to us and it's just precious.  We have also heard her giggle a few times. Sometimes at things that aren't really funny, like Momma dropping a jar and cursing. She doesn't laugh much though, smile much-YES. Laugh-sometimes. We have also seen a glimpse of a temper, arching of back and grunts like she is just plain mad. We try not to giggle. 

And after a quick "costume" change the girl is ready for her closeup...again.

Ok, enough with the paparazzi Ma!

Millie has also got to her knees and her elbows and been rocking back and forth. I heard tell these are signs of crawling. Grreeaat. Our girls' ready to be on the move! 

From 3 months to 4 months. Getting so big! I should really try to take the picture at the same angle...but that would require thought and planning and I'm more of a "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of girl these days. Plus I'm more entertaining to Millie when I'm all over the room! 

My sweet, sweet baby girl. 4 months old. You are the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Baby proofing tips? I think I will be needing them sooner rather than later.

Can't wait to see what the next months brings!



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  2. What a beautiful blessing Miss Millie is!! :)