Parenting Partnership

Nothing has showcased my husbands and I's differences like parenting has.

That has been the tag line that has been running through my mind for the last few days. Today I finally decided that maybe I should take some time to write to see where that whole idea will go.

Nothing has showcased Jerrel and I's differences like parenting. In the almost five months that we have been on this journey and for the last almost 6 years that we have been a team we have noted differences. These differences are far from limited to the location of the toilet seat while in use. After we were married I continued to learn that sometimes-thankfully on little things-we are on totally different planets. Case in point: After the whole "Nah, I don't need a receipt." debacle of 2013 I've now trained my mouth to say "YES" to any cashier or fuel pump that politely asks me that question.

We have both tried to receive each others differences with open arms, make accommodations when possible, and walk away when probably best. This parent thing though seems to put a spotlight on many of our differences and the lack of rest, hormones, and emotions seem to magnify them. My husband makes my heart jump when he leans back in his chair with Millie. He thinks I'm ridiculous when picking out her outfits. Sometimes I snap at him for not moving quick enough in my eyes-when I know that that's his normal speed. Usually he doesn't understand my organization of her dresser and diapers. See what I mean?

Sometimes I'm afraid I have turned into this Momma Helicopter Bear- hovering over every move and over protecting- even with my wonderful, protective, patient, unconditionally loving baby daddy. Sometimes I worry I'm not giving him enough control because I feel like this "Momma thing" I've got. The whole parenting thing though? No, I NEED him and his weird voices, strong arms, and intelligent thoughts.

When I am weak he is strong, when he is distracted I am present. We fill and fit where we need and when we are on together is a wonderful thing-I think, ask Mills in 20 years.

So sometimes I'll admit it's frustrating seeing our differences showcased. I have thought before "We are supposed to do this together? Why can't he do things the same way?" However, that's not why God joined us, our differences are not meant divide us. As we go through this parenting partnership we continue to grow in our marriage relationship. Our differences are showcased like never before, but somehow in that same moment we are more united than we ever thought possible.

What a journey we are on.


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