Five Months of Millie

I just got in from rocking my baby to sleep on the porch swing. I rocked and hummed with her while watching fireflies and listening to crickets. It was honestly perfection. When she drifted off I thought "I need to get inside to finish that blog." but then Millie sighed and I looked down at her curled lashes and button nose and thought "Eh, it can wait. I can fudge the date on blogger." So this may or may not have been posted on August 4th. The world will never know. 

Today marks five months of diaper changing, sweet baby smiles, fussing, giggling, sleep depravation, and kisses. More kisses than I know how to count! This month we did all kinds of summer things. We shot off fireworks, hung out at the lake, picked plums, went swimming, shucked corn, canned vegetables, and, camped. It's been a good month!

Hey, who put this chair here?! 
I reported last month that our girl is quite mobile. Well, that has only increased and now her motives are deliberate. I see that pile of laundry...I must demolish it. Oh you have a remote or cellphone, I want it. She can scoot across the room in no time flat. Only when she is upset does she suddenly become immobile. We have to come to her. What's up with that? 

The diapers were the best investment we made. They double as toys and Millie doesn't have a lot of toys. No we don't need more toys. We have clean diapers, in piles, that momma is trying to put away. It works out.  

Like I said we have been swimming and Millie loves it. She swims a bit wants out, walks around with someone for a while, then finishes the evening swimming. I'm going to miss our evenings in the pool when Summer is up. 

The family that swims together stays together. I married the man in the goggles. And had his baby. 

And I'd do it all over again for moments like this.

Our times at the lake have been visiting Grandma and Grandpa camping as well as our own trip this last weekend. Post of that experience to come. Either way we eat a lot, we sleep a little, and play much. 

What Momma?

Sophie is now an honorary member of the family. She even gets her own portrait. 

We love going to the lake. That means that daddy is up and experiencing the day-lit world with us. Sure he may be a zombie...

But he's a fun zombie!

Millie thinks standing on Dad is just the best thing since sliced bread, but she doesn't really know what sliced bread is so it's actually just the best thing. Whew. That was silly. 

Ole' blue eyes. 

See what I mean? Best. Thing.

So this is what a folding chair feels like. 
Going to stores is getting interesting, using remotes, cell phones, and computers is interesting, cooking is interesting with Millie. She wants it all in her hands and then in her mouth. She must know what is going on at all times-needs to be in the action. Sometimes I think I can see her brain growing.

Jerrel is constantly saying "You want to see that?" Then he lets her touch a tree or his water bottle, or a utensil...however it doesn't always end well because she can't really play with everything but I guess she's learning. Or we are playing a mean game with her-Parents of the year!

After all that exploring and learning we get tired. So we lay down and snuggle with daddy.

 Or we say "Ma, I need a snack. Now. Please." My memoire is going to be called "My Life and Legacy of being a Milk Machine."

Baby girl still eats fairly often. Not as often if we are out and about. Night time is still at least every 3-4 hours. She puts away the groceries and so do I!

Baby burrito anyone? She thinks she's pretty funny and cute. And she's right. Millie takes things with her when she rolls-even if it won't roll well, it's going by golly. 

Speaking of movin' and groovin' here's a picture of her up on all fours. This is an action shot, what would happen next is a cousin to a belly flop. See the form of the toes? They push her forward. Her arms just basically lift her. They aren't too strong yet. Sometimes though she shifts to one side or another on one leg and one arm. Doing a model like pose. She's workin' on a sitting position but with the cloth diapers being so round and bulky, they don't always help. When we sit her down her balance is getting a lot better.

I honestly don't have many pictures of her in action on here because the events noted above generally happen while donning her birthday suit. She can actually sit for a bit when we put her there while in her birthday suit. 

 Rub a dub dub baby in a bath tub er sink.

Sister is growing so big and beautiful. Here she is at 4 months and then 5...I think it's safe to say changes happened this month!

Can't wait to see what next month brings!
Love you Sugar!



  1. Aw! Cute girl! We loved Sophie for quite awhile around here. It's nice and tall so they can hang onto it and still chew and it actually fits in their mouths, which some of those chewy toys do not. In fact, the only formal portrait we've had taken has Sophie in it because someone was being a bit of a cranky pants....