A Campin' We Will Go

We took a camping hiatus last summer. Something about wanting to loose my lunch a couple times a day, being extra sensitive to heat, and adjusting to married life, then pregnant life left me with little desire to do much of anything.

But this year my parents have bought a camper and they are kind enough to share and so far all parties have played nicely. Millie is not much of a traveler so having the camper and a lake nearby has been such a blessings and has allowed us "family vacations." They have been wonderful. Jerrel's schedule allows us to go in the middle of the week sometimes which is wonderful-campground to yourself!  

The first trip with Millie back in May left much to be desired. She overheated quickly cried much and slept even more because of all the fuss. We spent the weekend in the camper and learned why you don't take a 3 month old camping in 90 degree weather. It cramps your camping style. Since then-things have gotten better-much better. In fact, we just got home from an almost week long excursion!

We fry eggs and bacon. We enjoy things we normally don't consume. We eat, we get a snack, then we have lunch, after that we get something to eat, then it's suppertime, then we roast marshmallows. Did I mention we eat? 

Our campsite doesn't have fancy lights or decorations, just garland of diapers.

Cloth diapering for a camping trip requires a bit of strategy. I usually wait until the last minute to throw the diapers in the wash before we go, then take them out there wet and make a clothes line and they get to line dry.

We explore nature.

We see nature, we touch nature, we become one with nature. Ok maybe not quite that far.

We take naps and play games. The cardinal camping rule is: do things you don't do at home. This last trip we played scrabble. For someone who loves words so much, scrabble is certainly a challenge. My big moment? Month-double word score. Yippie! 

A walk around the campgrounds as dusk settles us in for the evening. The cicadas start signing abd the smell of campfires creeps in.   

The water turns to glass except for the ripples from fish and the sun slowly sets. 

Baby girl gets sleepy and pops her thumb in. It's then we know it time for bath and bed.

Mornin' comes and we all sleep in-one of the wonders of the world and we do it all over again with a few variations.

And when it's time to go home. Momma and baby have sweet little baby photo shoots while daddy does the heavy lifting. 

Side note: Have you ever heard Jim Gaffigan's bit on camping? You should, it's hilarious.

Ahh, quality time spent with my family in this quiet and peaceful setting makes me happy, happy, happy. We are proof that there are such things as Happy Campers-however we are not too happy to say no to a shower when we get home. Ok I'll stop saying happy now...nope. One more time-Happy Camping!


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