A Daddy's Birthday

Today's a special day at our house. It's a Daddy's birthday. 

The man that I married. The man I parent with. The man that probably cooks more dinners than I.Yet is clueless on how to pack his lunch for work. The man that is endlessly patient. Endlessly kind. The man that is quiet and reserved. The man that provides and protects. 

The man that knits, that can fix a leaky faucet, who can take your blood pressure, and do some other gross nurse things.

I couldn't ask for a better man to parent Millie. I couldn't think of a better man to share a home and last name.

To my forever favorite-Happy Birthday Jerrel. We love you, we respect you, we can't wait to spend the day with you-celebrating all the wonderful things that make you-YOU!


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