9 Months of Millie

As I was getting the pictures together for the chronicle of Millie from the last month I found not as many pictures. Not sure why, could be that I'm busy chasing her around or the already hectic holiday season. Either way a short post ensues and so here we go! 

Millie and I keep pretty busy during the day. I dust, she dusts, I do laundry, she does laundry, She plays, I play. She naps...

I uhh, REJOICE! These shots came one morning about 9 am. Millie had been up and playing with me in bed but then laid down (on a clean diaper) a fell back a sleep. So sweet. 

So I tried to take advantage of the time a wrote a story. But you know who woke up after 30mins a wanted to help. 

Of course you can help baby doll. 

Told you last month that girlfriend would be walking by the end of the month a I was right. She took her first step on the 3rd of November but really "walked" on the 11th and she hasn't stopped working at it since. She can now stand up without pulling up on something and over the weekend she climbed a flight of stairs (with a spotter). She's just such a go getter. 

But sometimes we make the choice to crawl. It's simply more efficient still. 
Seeing your baby do things for the first time is always a mind blowing event. One moment they can't and the next the can. Literally.

We also decided to wave and clap this month. Our wave is quite regal and the clap is darling.

Millie also started to show interest in table food. I had alway had an "exclusively breastfed for a year" goal but she showed an interest and so we are just barely touching on babyled weaning. She doesn't eat much-that may be because she nurses before each meal-hey it's just timing...or it's part of my diabolical plan to make sure I nurse her

Anyway she's eating a little bit of table food and enjoying experiencing it. For those of you that don't know about babyled weaning it's different than purees and spoons.

This is one of the meals we had and the little bit we offered Millie. She loved the meat and figured out how to get the raspberry on her finger and eat it that way. So much fun watching her.

I'm a firm believer in "Food before one is just for fun." She doesn't need it-the breastmilk has all she needs but meal time is a social and tactile experience for her so we enjoy including her even if she works over a single sliver of venison for the meal ...Nature's chew toy. She's having fun and I'm cleaning up messes!

Millie is catching on to social cues. She mimics coughs or sneezes and laughs when others laugh. I know I'm biased but our girl is mighty intelligent. 

The fourth this time around was a bit hard. I've had her in my arms as long as I carried her in my womb. When you have a baby and you get clothes for 6 months or 9 months down the road you think, "Oh that'll be forever till they fit in that." But it's not it's next week or tomorrow-depending on the day. 

It just goes fast. Way fast.

Here we are from 8 months to 9 months. 

So I leave you with 2 more pictures of our toe headed, walky, talky, sweet, spunky, smart girl. 

Kiss your babies. For they will always be yours but not always actual babies. 

Happy nine months Millie we are so grateful for you! 


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