2010? 2011? 2012.

It always amazes me how quickly December flies by. One minute it's Thanksgiving the next its New Years.

Wanna know something else that amazes me?

How January seems to craaawl by.

 I can't get over how the 31 days of December seem like they happened eons ago. The hub-bub of the holidays really messes with the passing of time. I don't think it has helped that it's been 50+ degrees more often than not. It feels like spring. Like I should be writing final papers and in reality I've only went to school for 16 days. This is the only instance when I wish that days could count as weeks. While December was full of activity and emotion, it's January that has left me exhausted. Like I just ran a marathon. (not the best analogy because well, I've never ran a marathon.) Maybe its all catching up with me, maybe I needed that long to recover. It's almost like I just had to get through this month to know that this whole 2012 thing was alright.  Side Note: I dated a paper 2010 the other day, must have been a good one. 

So I welcome February and it's 29 days.


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