Everybody Loves Whales

On Valentines Day everybody and their dog was out to see the newest chick flick "The Vow." And while I do want to see it, I wasn't really in the mood, major reason being that everybody and their dog was buying their tickets for that very film. So Senor Smarty Pants and I vetoed the obvious choice for a Valentines Date and went to "Big Miracle." It was awesome! And I got to sit in the middle of the theatre and didn't have to have that awkward "whose arm rest is this?" moment, Senor Smarty Pants doesn't use the arm rests. 

Anyway, this movie was just what I was in the mood for, it was a feel good film, it was clean, and it made me want to go to the artic-which is a pretty big feat. Not to mention that I'm a John Krasinski fan. Make sure to see this movie!

P.S. I failed to mention that the out of the 9 other people in the theatre six were over the age of 55. Two were under the age of 10 and they were with their mother. was marvelous. 


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