Posting has been a bit light this week. Sorry about that. It's due to a technical issue that I really don't have to get too technical about. I forgot my camera cord at home.

Along with my phone charger. These two pretty important pieces of equipment have had a lovely vacation this week. I was especially frustrated because I took some pretty cool pictures last weekend and I was really excited to post them. So next week when I post them please pretend along with me that they are not a week old? Thanks.

I'm on the go a lot. I still go home every weekend and usually before I get unpacked from the weekend before it's time to pack up again. Thursdays come around quickly. Because I'm a veteran at this vagabond lifestyle I have packing down pat. I have made it really easy on myself by having doubles of some key items that I leave at their respective homes. Am I taking things too far? Maybe. Pretty soon I may just be able to say bye to Grandma and Grandpa, grab my purse, hop in my car and head west and then do the same but head east 3 days later. Ok, typing that out made it sound worse than it did in my head. It is getting a little ridiculous. But I really didn't like forgetting the same things every weekend. So I have doubles of deodorant, because nobody likes a smelly Jessi, toothbrushes, pillows, comfy clothes, shampoos, conditioners, Bibles, combs, and the list goes on. I could even argue that this mentality is why I have so many clothes, and continue to buy more....

But obviously I need to double up on adapters, cords, and chargers. Then I should have everything I doubles....


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