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This is a pretty typical hours worth of computer history...with a book thrown in. Can we say scatterbrain? The weird thing is, I learned something and remember something important from each site. In my development classes (which I am in love with!) we talk about the factual differences of Male and Female brains. And don't let those feminist lead you to believe that there are no differences, that our gender differences are all environmental, these are facts, not theories anymore. I digress. ANYWAY, we talked about lateralization. Men tend to be more right brained, this is the logical and spacial side. Females, are more on the left side, feelings and being creative are their things. But here's the thing about females, we can jump back and forth, i.e. Multitasking. It's essential, we've gotta be this way in order to get all the things done that need done! It's a basic biological function.

So how am I relating all this to my computer history? The other day I was doing my homework, just a normal afternoon process for me, but Senor Smarty Pants kept glancing over to my computer screen. Finally he asked me, "How do you do that?" I said, "Huh?"

"Every time I look over at your screen you are doing something different, first you're looking at blackboard and starting homework, then you are back on facebook, next you are on some blog reading about something that has nothing to do with your homework, then you are back to your homework. How do you do that?"

I looked at him and said, "Lateralization baby, I've got it, you don't. Sorry." Most women jump back and forth all.the.time. We can process information equally as well in either hemisphere. Apparently in some aspect, I'm a pro at this jumping back and forth stuff.

Brain development lesson over.

Now I've gotta jump back to my left side, homework is calling my name


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