My camera cord has a short in it. The process of getting pictures from my camera to my computer then to you guys has became quite a bit more tricky. I now must plug in my camera to my computer. Stand on my left foot, raise my right arm in the air, and hold my tongue juust right.

You can see how this whole process is quite time consuming and so I haven't uploaded pictures for some time and now I have some catching up to do. I have enough photograph material for weeks. And I don't really know where to start. So I think I'll just jump in and start with Prom.

You would think having boys go to prom would be easier than having girls. You know, no hair, makeup, whining, all in all boys going to prom = less stress.

But here's the thing. You have to do everything for them. Pick out the flowers, pick out the tuxes, persuade them away from certain style choices, pick up the flowers and tuxes. Then you think your work is done? NO. Because pictures are at 5:15 and at 4:45 the boy is showing up and has suddenly forgotten how to button a shirt. As if this rented ill fitting shirt that has normal buttons on it is totally and completely different than the shirt that he was wearing 5 minutes ago. Then you have to deal with the tie and cuff-links. Suddenly your 15 and 18 year old brothers revert back to infants and you have to tie their shoes. 

But you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm sure my mom would say the same thing. 

Because after all your hard work and mad rush to the finish line, 15 mins later they look like this. Prom prep for girls is more like a marathon. Prom for boys is more like a sprint, a 400 meter dash. Equally as tiring, just a different race all together. 

This year Evan went with a group of kids that had sweet talked a guy in town who owned a limo to driving them to Prom. This guy deserves an award. 

We are never out of reminders that we live in a rural area. The limo had to follow the tractor the whole way up to our house. Quite the caravan. 

Oh that Allison. With her peaches and cream complexion. She can wear the most darling colors. That minty color looked so fabulous on her. She is such a beauty. 

And Evan was obviously enthused about his first prom experience.

Besides the beautiful dresses I just love looking at the flowers. So, so, so, pretty. 

Sniff, sniff, Aarons 4th and Senior Prom. I still remember when he was a little squirt in his first tux. And Kadee's dress was very pretty too. Such a beautiful color. Lots of bright colors this year made it fun to watch the promenade. 

They looked so classy together. Evan's shoes were my favorite. 

Did you know that prom was first started so that kids from other towns could get together and meet? They would have a Senior Prom with a couple different rural schools, kids would go meet each other, pair up and many would marry the next fall or so...but today looking at these kids, we are not advocating for that kind of message. Just get dressed up take some pictures and go dance! Then go climb the velcro wall and play Minute to Win it at Post Prom with our parents. We can talk about that other stuff in a few decades- I mean years...I suppose.  

Just another Spring-time milestone down. 


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