Over the Weekend

Easter has left me feeling refreshed, and springy. 

So refreshed and springy that I took it upon myself to clean Senor Smarty Pant's apartment. This is actually the first time I have done that all year. Shocked? But don't worry, its not the first time it's gotten cleaned all year, he's a reeeaaaly neat person (emphasis on really.) This is just the first time I've been in the mood to really get down and dirty and clean the place and it needed done. 

In other news, I went home and dyed eggs with my brothers and one of their friends, Taylor. Taylor is color blind. We forgot this little detail until he said "I think I'll put this egg in the black." It was a really dark green, that spurred our general knowledge of Taylor and quickly informed him (aka had him guess because that's always funny.) which glass had the blue and which one had the purple. Sorry Taylor for amusing ourselves with your disability and inviting you to an activity that you have a major disadvantage. Our bad...

They were able to tap into their creative sides and we only had to tell them a couple times to stop writing inappropriate or mean things on the eggs. I'd say that's doing pretty good. 

It's always fun to see how just some scribbles on eggs can turn out to look pretty cool when you put them in dye and make them blue, or green.

While I like the eggs with scribbles on them as much as the next guy, its eggs like these that always are my favorites. I love the muted yet deep colors. 

On Easter Sunday we went to church with my family and then had dinner and spent the day with Senor Smarty Pants. It was a beautiful day. 

The neighbors had put together a little scavenger hunt and asked if we would like to do it. They had made the clues and hid them all around the one-horse town. Senor Smarty Pant's brother was all over it and so, Senor Smarty Pants, his brothers Jesse and Jake, his cousin Derek, and I decided to take part. We got the first clue and were off. 

This was down the block from the 2nd clue. I believe it read "This is a place where dogs love to visit." I instantly knew and ran to this spot. The boys all said to me "How are you so good at these?" I didn't know that one was such a brain teaser. It was then I knew it might be a long afternoon. They kept asking me "What's your woman's intuition telling you?" 

And when I was wrong Derek would say "This is why I'm single. Women think they know it all because of their intuition but then they don't." Hate to break it to you Derek but you might be single for different reasons....just sayin' :) 

For the record though, my intuition was helpful but not fool-proof. 

We'd find a clue and Jake wanted to read it first so he could run off and find the egg first. He stayed about 20 yds ahead of us the whole time. 

The hunt was really fun. It lead us all over the town of Bartley and it was great to see the old houses and buildings and try to figure out the sometimes confusing clues. 

There is a little shop in town. Ok maybe it's not so little, it takes up maybe 3 buildings, it's only open by appointment and from what I see in the window it has all kinds of interesting stuff. I'm thinking I'll be making an appointment.The house above is owned and lived in by a resident of the town named Gladys. Gladys owns the store I just told you about. I think that Gladys and I would get along famously. 

This is on the old school in Bartley. Isn't it neat? So much history in this town. At the end of our hunt the last clue said basically to look in the glove box of a car to see if the registration and insurance card was there. I'm not actually sure if it was because we all got distracted by the easter eggs with $1 bills in them. It was a pretty successful afternoon...

Hope you all had a blessed Easter.


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