Catch UP--Auction Finds

I've left you all hangin'. Sorry about it. I went to the Lion's Club Auction a month ago. So much has happened in between now and then it seems but I was going through my pictures and I had so many and I wanted to share them with you.  

Ambulance anyone? What does one do with an ambulance they bought at the Lions Club Sale? Beats me.

Dad had to work, Mom had to help get ready for some school function so my wonderful brothers were kind enough to attend with me. I knew I kept them around for some reason. Plus I bought them lunch, actually only one of them the other one made me mad, so he bought his own. Yeah don't mess with Jess. 

This fire truck was really cool. 

It had all kinds of interesting knobs, buttons and gages on it. 

There were at least 4 boxes of pens like this. They were mostly old pens, from implements, car dealerships, etc. As I was taking this picture I was thinking why would you buy these? Then I decided that they would actually look kind of cool in the mason jar part of a mason jar lamp. My cousins used to have ones filled with colored paper clips and they looked awesome. But I still don't think you would need a thousand, maybe 40. 

Then you come to things like this. Sure you can super glue it and fix it, but why didn't the seller do that?! Rustic charm?

Then there is cool stuff like this camera. This find made me think of my friend Alli D. She loves photography. She would have keeled over for this piece of equipment. 

FURBIE. I have no words for this, except 10 years ago I would have keeled over for this piece of equipment.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the day. There was a massive pile of these. I was wondering how they would sell them. Surely not one by one. Probably auction one to set a price and then you would say how many you wanted. Now I wish I would have paid more attention and bought some of them. They look so cool.

I think this was Aaron's favorite find. Even though you can't tell. He laughed so hard when we found this guy. What shall we call him? Randolph? Fredrick? Moving on...

I am not going to lie that it makes me feel a bit old that things from my childhood are showing up here, that no one wants these things anymore, that they have out grown them. Ohhh NSYNC. 

Another neat piece of history. It's a good thing I'm suddenly shy at this auction, I could have came home with a lot of stuff. 

Who, What, and Why?

Lots of people, lots of junk/merchandise. It was so windy. When I got home the first thing I wanted to do was brush my teeth, numerous times. They were so gritty. 

Might be my favorite picture of the day. Love the color. I don't even remember what the vehicle looked like. 

I almost came home with a puppy. They had them for sale outside the gate. I loved on one and then quickly said "Boys, get me away from here." Dang it now I want a puppy again. 


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