Blue Beaver Lodge on Little Blue

After 2 days on the road we finally found our way to Blue Beaver Lodge on Little Blue Lake. As soon as we stepped into the cabin we sunk into vacation mode. No time schedules, lots of food, campfires, and sand between our toes.

It was only a few moments before the boys were out on the paddle boat and a fire was started. 

One of the most peaceful views I've witnessed. It actually helped make the mosquitoes irrelevant. 

Finally the boys let me have a turn with the water mobiles and I was able to go out on our basically private lake. We never once saw one of the neighbors. It was wonderful. 

We were amazed by the clearness and stillness of the water.

Isn't it beautiful? I know that people love tropical locations but to me this is much more relaxing.

Fishing licenses were obtained and much time was spent on the lake. Jerrels dad reeled in the first...and possibly only catch. It was a catch and release kind of deal this time around. 

We all spent plenty of time on the water and were able to get a hold of another kayak so Jerrel and I could explore the lake, the lake next door, and that lake's neighbor. 

And would ya look at who's in the paddle boat? It's Jerrel's brother who doesn't like water and his Mama who also isn't a big water fan. Paddle boats are their thing apparently! 

I made Jerrel trade me Kayaks during our time on the water-I just thought he might like more of a challenge, something the yellow kayak provided. We had to boogie back from our lake adventure because of impending rain clouds, only for them to go around! Us Nebraska people just have that effect on rain. But we did get to see rain during other times. It was wonderful too, the weather was cool but not cold-except for the wedding day, it was cold then!  

Aaron and Jesse were captains of the paddle boat most of the trip. Lord only knows what they were talking about. I was happy they got some guy time. 

Then there was the food. Having two families with the majority being boys, you can only imagine how much food we lugged along and bought.

But my favorite food purchase is the milk in the glass bottle below. Because of the glass bottle.

This is Jesse, Jerrel's middle brother. This is Jesse with real whole milk. Milk from cows that "Aren't on drugs, but are on Grass." Jesse has the funniest expressions, I'm sure you will see more of em. 

I'm sure I've never laid eyes on Jesse so happy. And the bottle is oh so cute. 

We went to a nearby town one day and bought carmel apples. This one has carmel, dark chocolate, and sea salt. Tasty, tasty. 

Have you ever watched someone eat a carmel apple? It's painfully entertaining. 

Just look: 

See what I mean?

And the boys even cleaned up the kitchen one night.

Let us all relish in the sight of these young men in the kitchen and they aren't eating!

It was a wonderful time spent with the family at the lodge. I would go back in a heartbeat, even if the boys wanted to come along again.


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