Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes

After we left Mackinac we traveled to Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. I had heard about this place on TV years ago and wanted to see it for myself. 

I'll admit, first impressions left me a bit disappointed. But I thought we will just climb this dune and see the mystery on the other side. 

Then I tried to climb the dune and thought they may be carrying me back down on a stretcher. So very, very steep. Legs burning, lungs burning...ok I got the hint I need to work out. 

But I forgot about that hint when I turned around and looked at where we came from. 

Glen Lake!

But the climb wasn't over so I kept walking and kept breathing.

As far as light goes we came at the perfect time. The sand glowed. But as far as daylight left not so much, it is over an hour walk to Lake Michigan across the dunes. That wasn't going to happen.

We finally got to a high point on the dunes and there she was!

Lake Michigan!

We spent our time at the dunes exploring and playing in the sand. It was the finest sand I'd ever touched.

We learned that the dunes are still forming. The wind that blows off the lake keeps the dunes in motion. Supposedly you could pick a tree or shrub on the dunes, come back a few years later and it may be covered or have more sand around it's base-depending on it's location. 

 Sure we went to see giant hills of sand. But they were awesome giant hills of sand.

The rest of our time in this area was spent shopping in a cute little town not far, on the beach of Lake Michigan (in sweaters), visiting a historic town and learning about the lifestyle here back in it's founding days. So very different from our pioneer heritage. No sod houses or German cabbage farms in this neck of the woods. No, they have docks, ships, trees, and cherries.

But I was delighted to learn about another way of life. Jerrel and I are always up for learning something new.

For the record going down the dunes was much more enjoyable for my legs and lungs. No stretcher required.


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