Mackinac Again.

I know I said that Sleeping Bear was next but as I was looking through pictures I found more that really give a great picture of Mackinac. So this photo montage may be a bit scatter brained but it is what it is.

The garbage buggy. They really mean no vehicles. Only emergency vehicles.

The lighthouse you see as you are coming to the island.

Kites, who doesn't love kites. Everyone loves kites. 

More from the butterfly house.

The oldest church on the island. Beautiful windows and a tall, tall steeple.

The Island has an old fort located high on the hill. We spent a morning there reading and learning about this place. It was very interesting actually, my dad would love it. 

Because we were still pretty early in the season for that far north things were just starting to fill in. I can only imagine how lush and green everything is now. 

People loved making these towers. You couldn't have paid me to wade out in the water to get to this bank. The water was still ice cold. But they made for pretty picture opportunities. 

Finally the houses. So full of color and history. This house had beautiful stain glass windows for color. But others were periwinkle, peach, lavender, red. You name it-there are no rules on Mackinac. And I for one appreciated that.


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