How to Devour a Turkey Leg

Some people don't know this but my Husband is funny. He's very quiet but when he speaks listen because it'll either be genius or funny. His mannerism can get annoying but lots of times they make me giggle. 

Like the time he ordered a turkey leg as big as my own leg and proceeded to eat it like a Neanderthal in public. 

But then who am I to talk? I took photographic evidence of it and posted it on the internet. 

To start off you just have to dig in. No fork. There is no delicate way to eat a turkey leg. 

You also must show the leg who is boss. So you have to make faces like this:

And make it look really gross. Like you haven't eaten in weeks. I'm sorry I didn't realize how gross that picture was until now. 

After about 20 minutes the leg is gone so you must clean your face. Please clean your face, don't be like Jerrel and walk around with BBQ sauce on your face while trying to find a trash can, while a napkin is laying there. Sometimes I just can't figure him out. 

 So the delicious turkey leg is gone and you are full. But not too full for strawberry rhubarb pie. 

No one is ever to full for strawberry rhubarb pie. Al a mode.


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