Something Funky

I've been a little MIA. I know. Something funky has gotten into me and I can't quite put my finger on it. At first I blamed it on the hellacious semester of school I just survived (Deans list almost made me believe it was worth it. However, I'm still not convinced.) add in wedding planning and I just thought I'd crashed. But after about the 3rd week I wasn't sure I could blame it on that anymore.

Then a little self pity kicked in. Like, "What am I doing thats of worth?" "Why is everything changing around me?" and a whole lotta other blah, blah, blah.

Then I made a tough choice to quit a job. Because sometimes no matter how much we want things to work, they just don't. And our peace of mind, dignity, and joy are worth more. So that was an adjustment. Because even though I will be the first defend women who don't work outside the home I haven't exactly ever been one of those. So wrapping my head around was more of a challenge than I thought.

But what made my funk worse? I stopped writing. I stopped listening to music. I don't really know what I was doing. Oh wait. Nothing. But then I realized I was missing writing and other things. But THEN I realized I wasn't doing anything to write about. THEN I thought what is going on? I have things going on in my mind. Things of value. I have things to say even when I haven't left my home or it's surrounding area for the day. So I'm back. And feeling better. And do have a few things to share.

My Mom, Dad, Jerrel, and I made a trip to the big city to Junkstock. Where I was surrounded by a wonderful amount of old and repurposed stuff. My people all the way. Food, junk, and music. It was a such an awesome event! 

And we came home with all kinds of goods for our house. It was so much fun.

Then for the fourth we made a trip to K-town, minus Jerrel-saving lives on the fourth was his calling. We went to see some family and some family of family. Now that was a fun day! This picture was taken. It cracks me up every time. Little man wasn't a fan of the whole picture idea.

And then I got to hold this little dolly as she took a nap. She awoke with smiles and cuddles. 

So that's an update of the last few weeks. Funk and all. But I'm coming back. Don't you worry. We will talk again soon! 


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