Millie: The Retriever Whisperer

I've mentioned before that grew up with a Golden Retriever. Her name was Goldie. She was blonde, fluffy and sweet. We also had a Chocolate Lab for a while when I was a kid-and I have no comment on that dog situation. 

Needless to say Retrievers have my heart in the dog realm. I know other breeds are beautiful, I know other breeds are smart and sweet. I know other breeds are patient and kind. 

I also know that other breeds can be just as hyper, dingy, and onery. But the retriever? The retriever will more than likely always win. Especially after seeing the current retrievers in my life with Millie. 

Take the body pillow named Lucy for example. My parents got Lucy when I was 16. She had been around kids and a one year old but never really babies. But Millie doesn't even phase her.

In fact Lucy is the calmest and sweetest around Millie. She stays low and gentle.

Even when Millie is trying to sit on her head.

We love Lucy.

And then there is Chester. Sweet, lovable, dopy Chester. Chester who tests my patience and makes question my sanity. Chester who wants so badly to be good. Chester who is having trouble learning his in-home territory so he sometimes has to be leashed to the church pew. Chester who can get out of any type of pen or kennel. 

But this dog? He rocks with Millie. Or maybe Millie rocks with him. He gets a little wild, she squawks, he's done. Millie seeks him out throughout the day and I'm happy to have the break-now he's the one she's climbing all over for a little while. 

She gets on his bed and he meets her there. I am so thrilled that these two will be able to go out and play someday. I am so thankful they have each other's company. Even if I wonder what I was thinking in saying yes to him. Because like Lucy, Chester is his calmest around Millie. He stays low, at her level, never jumping on her. He is sweet to our Millie. 

Even when she is trying to sit on his head. 

So that makes Millie the official Retriever Whisperer. 

Cue the collective "AWWWWW."

Yes, I believe they are both keepers.


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