Trike is Short For...

Trick Bike...obviously. I myself had never made the connection.

But don't worry my ten month old connected the dots for me. 

We can learn so much from little ones. 

Sometimes I am afraid (literally) that Millie inherited SO much of her father. She is so very adventurous.

Last week I watched Millie drag a box to an end table to use it as a step stool. She's just so busy...and smart. 

I know Mom..."Be careful."

Disclaimer: Baby was not crying. She fell is slow motion. I decided to see how this was all going to work out.
She has learned to fall gracefully from pretty much any position. And can get herself out of most predicaments.

My mind is flashing back to when one of my brothers was really into trying to be a BMX rider. Ramping, jumping, no hands. Oh the bandaids and bikes we went through. Good thing we had a friend who worked in the "Sanitation Pick Up" industry. Endless supply of dumped bikes.

I think we are heading down that same road.

This time she managed to wriggle her way out without a fuss, stand her trick bike back up, scoot it a little ways, and hop right back on.

See mom, I'm fine.

Be careful baby.


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